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Alcohol drinking affects more people than only the abuser.

Alcoholism can be a chronic, long-term disease that keeps a person bound to addiction. Addiction happens, in part, because a person’s body has a tendency to develop a tolerance. This means the individual will continue to drink more and more to achieve the same effect. Sooner or later, their need for alcohol will spiral out of control and affect every area of their life. Without their substance, alcoholics can experience serious withdrawal symptoms. As such, withdrawal is best treated and monitored in a professional clinical setting.

Alcoholism Statistics – Prepare for a Shock

There are close to 14 million people in the nation who are addicted to alcohol. The number is probably much higher, because it is impossible to deduct an exact estimate:

  • Adolescents may start drinking younger than age 12. For statistical purposes, this is the age at which the addiction is first tracked.
  • Adolescents, who started drinking prior to age 15, double the chances of becoming addicted. The odds lessen for those who start drinking at 21 years of age or older.
  • While alcoholism affects both men and women, men drink considerably more than women. It could be due to body build, or a desire to be macho.
  • One-fourth of women with an eating disorder are also alcoholics.
  • Perhaps 40 percent of Native American women are dependent on alcohol.
  • A high number of suicide victims are found to have been alcohol dependent.

What to Expect at an Alcoholism Treatment Center

There are a number of things to look for when sourcing an alcoholism treatment center. Gorgeous views and peaceful looking settings are fine, but there are additional, important amenities one should look for.

  • Consider the facility’s licensing. They should be licensed and accredited to operate in their state. Every individual working at the facility should be well-trained and certified.
  • How effective are the facility’s treatment methods? A professional and effective treatment center should always be able to provide statistics on their success rate.
  • Does the treatment facility offer effective aftercare services? Once a person’s rehab program is over, they will have to return home and back to life. Are there follow-up programs with community support groups? Are there staff members who can put together an excellent discharge program?

Alcohol Abuse

The reality is that not everyone who consumes alcohol is a person who becomes addicted. There will always be people who will be more susceptible to addiction than others. Abuse and addiction are not always the same thing, and it is an important point to make. The fact remains that a person can build up a tolerance to substance abuse, and will continue drinking and not necessarily fit the category of being addicted. Abusers are typically individuals who drink heavily. They may only choose to drink once a week, or even once a month. However, there is always the possibility that a casual user can become dependent on alcohol.

Alcohol’s Impact on Families

Alcohol drinking affects more people than only the abuser. It can affect their family and loved ones as well. Careers are often challenged, relationships change, and an alcoholic’s personality can alter overnight. This places stress on those who love and depend on this person. A person’s financial status can also dwindle overnight. This can create undue hardships and stress for the entire family.

Families, when educated about alcohol abuse, are in a better position to deal with the addicted one’s addiction. This can help open doors to better communication between an addicted person and their families. Alcoholism takes emotional hostages, financial burdens, and stress.

Alcohol can be an erratic creature. When a person drinks, they may be jovial and happy one moment, or moody and angry the next. Mood swings are quite common. For families, the next mood of the alcoholic is unknown. Everyone begins to tip-toe around the house in fear of angering the alcoholic. It can be a tough challenge, but there is hope for family members whose lives are compromised.

Counseling the family, with the abuser’s permission, can do a world of good for everyone involved. During counseling sessions, there is usually a lot of emotional garbage for family members and the addicted one to get rid of. The right treatment can become a win-win where both the addicted person and their family have a far better understanding of addiction and its causes and cures.

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