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Continuing Care

The first critical step is for an addicted individual to seek proper medical care for their addiction.

At Sprout Health New Jersey, we have the professional clinicians and equipment to treat substance abuse and mental disorders effectively. It all starts when you finally make the commitment to seek help, or to help a friend or loved one make the choice.

Once a person has completed their program, the battle to remain sober is not over yet. Leaving rehab is an opportunity for an individual to apply what they have learned. It will be a challenge because the elements that led to their addiction are waiting on the other side.

What Continuing Care Accomplishes

While you have new skills through addiction treatment, they still need honing. Support and continued professional assistance will be needed more than ever. It is at this stage that individuals move from theory to practice, and hopefully, into a new world where drug addiction is a thing of the past. While in rehab, the old temptations are put in check. The friends, the places, and the old habits are temporarily cut off. While in rehab, staff members do not expect you to use drugs, and will certainly make it hard for anyone to obtain illicit drugs or alcohol.

  • Follow-up and care include support meetings. The recovering person’s goal is to continue in individual counseling, whether it be for marriage or counseling with family members. It may also be for financial counseling.
  • Follow-up may also include relaxation therapy training, and/or physical exercises to help reduce stress and anxieties. Understanding the triggers that can lead back down the road to addiction is important for rehab success.
  • Follow-up can also include membership in groups like Narcotics Anonymous, Smart Recovery, Cocaine Anonymous, or Save Our Selves (SOS). Your treatment center offers tremendous support in helping determine where you can find support for continuing care.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Gives You Tools to Cope

Our programs at Sprout Health New Jersey center around the practice of CBT. Eliminating negative thinking patterns is a tool and discipline that can be leveraged successfully for life. We challenge our clients to develop new ways of looking at problems and solving them in a meaningful way. While we provide challenges to help patients recover, we are there with them at every step along the way.

The practice of mindfulness goes back thousands of years. The belief that staying in the present and accepting what is can quiet minds that are troubled. Our programs are structured and systematic. We make it easy for our clients to get a healthy dose of thinking and acting in a supportive and informative environment. It is essentially the same as being enrolled in an exercise of weight lifting program.

Rekindling Family Bonds

Upon returning home, families can offer tremendous support in helping the addicted person get their life back together. At some point, an addiction can cause family divisions, ruin relationships, and destroy careers. A lot of things can happen to a person’s life as a result of addiction. Family relationships that have likely been compromised are those necessary for the addicted person to get their lives back together. At Sprout Health New Jersey, we also offer counseling for friends and family members if the client approves. Learning to communicate with family members can significantly reduce the possibility of relapse.

Cognitive behavioral therapy can also inspire individuals to find new meaning in life. At Sprout Health New Jersey, there is nothing better than having a purpose that can inspire one to achieve, accomplish, and add value to their life and others.

What You Can Do to Help Yourself or a Loved one

Continue to see yourself as one who is accomplishing what they are setting out to do. In time, everything learned in rehab will make sense, and you or a loved one will be fast on the road to recovery.

  • Plan ahead. Whether the continuing care is for yourself, a friend, or a child, plan ahead. This way everyone can plan on getting involved in the process. Give that person a pat on the back and tell them how proud you are they are sticking with their program. Everyone deserves a pat on the back. Let them know you want to do everything in your power to support their accomplishment.
  • Support the individual by attending counseling sessions or a support group with them if you can. Give our rewards of verbal praise and know the programs so you can help the individual accomplish everything to the letter. This applies to yourself as well.

Our Blogs and Articles

Sprout Health New Jersey believes that education is the best tool to help combat addiction. We can only provide so much information on our website, but know that there is still a lot of information out there that can help you or your loved ones understand addiction and how it can be treated. We offer blogs and articles to all our visitors in order for them to gain further insight into what is happening with them or their loved one. We want everyone to be educated on addiction in order to recognize the signs and symptoms, know when to get help and who to get it from, as well as why receiving help is highly recommended.

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