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Ecstasy Addiction Treatment centers In NJ

The addict has to first realize they have a problem and make the decision to seek help.

Ecstasy is an illegal synthetic drug. Addicts consume it in pill, capsule, and tablet form. Among illicit drugs, it is somewhat unique because it both stimulates and causes hallucinations. Those on the drug will seem alert, but their minds will record and experience situations in a distorted reality. Other names for the drug include Adam, Beans, X, XTC, E, and Molly. The drug is illegal and has no approved medical uses. It is on the streets because it is manufactured illegally in laboratories. It is smuggled into the country quite often and manufactured to look like candy to try and avoid detection.

Symptoms of Illegal Use

It became popular in the 1990s and was mostly used at nightclubs and dance parties. Today, the drug is used for a complete range of sundry activities. Signs that a person may be on ecstasy may include a lack of inhibition, a high state of euphoria, intense pleasure from physical touch, increased alertness, and what appears to be boundless energy. Addicts may also experience insomnia, depression, worry, an appearance of being confused, and a deep hunger for the drug. Ecstacy stimulates the brain’s pleasure center immensely. As the body adapts, the addict is forced to increase either their frequency or the amount used. It is simply a vicious cycle with no good ending in sight.

Treatment for Ecstasy

Like any harmful drug, the addict has to first realize they have a problem and make the decision to seek help. Often, this takes courage. Treatments can take place on an inpatient or outpatient basis. This, of course, depends largely on the severity of the patient’s addiction. Either treatment method is supervised and administered by qualified clinicians for best results. Treatments may include individual and group therapy, family therapy, medication management, anger management, recreational therapy, and more.

Typically, inpatient treatment is the first line of defense. Treatments are medically supervised, and the patient is supported at every level during their detox process. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) has also been found to be an effective solution for helping patients to clarify their thinking processes over time. Situations are viewed in a positive way and better solutions are round as a result. In a rational way, patients can also examine the causes that led them down the path to addiction to begin with.

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