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Flakka Treatment Programs In NJ

Any addiction can be a life threatening matter.

Flakka is a relatively new designer drug that has gained popularity in a relatively short period of time. It is a manufactured drug that appears to be gaining popularity in Ohio, Florida and Texas. It has the appearance of gravel or crystals and can be snorted or injected. People take it to feel alert, but intake usually results in hyperactivity, extreme irritability, intense confusion, and hallucinations.

There are no upsides and no medical reasons to take the drug. People who abuse the drug are at risk for heart attacks and other bodily damages. When overdose occurs, the patient can be treated with low doses of norepinephrine to bring the heart rate back to normal. Full detox recovery is possible as a result of close monitoring and follow-up that may last for several weeks following an overdose.


Rehab is tailored to fit each individual’s needs. In fact, it is potentially dangerous to try and stop using flakka on one’s own accord. Detox can be dangerous if not monitored by professional clinicians. Multiple therapeutic approaches will also be provided that will help both the patient and their family to cope with the addiction and recovery process.

Individual Therapy

This is a critical part of the healing process where a number of sessions are administered by a primary therapist and case manager.

Group Therapy

Six to ten people meet in a group and share their experiences with flakka. A licensed therapist is present to make sure everything stays on track. The environment is safe and intimate. Clients can express their emotions and share with others. Everyone agress that everything shared remains private within their group.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This therapy helps clients become aware of their thinking processes that have led to erroneous behaviors. They learn that if they change their thinking, their behavior will change as well. It also teaches clients to approach and react to problems differently. While the situation remains the same, a person always has the power to react differently.

Any addiction can be a life threatening matter if abused for a prolonged period of time. If you or someone you know is addicted to flakka, seek help immediately. The right treatment and support can turn an addicted person around and place their feet on the path to recovery.

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