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If you or a loved one is suffering from heroin addiction, help is available.

Heroin is a highly addictive drug that offers users a euphoric rush. It has no designated medical use and is classified as a Schedule I Drug. It is a pure white substance with a bitter taste. Another form of heroin is known as “black tar.” It is sticky and has the appearance of roof tar; it may also take on the appearance of coal. It is an illicit drug and is often sold and cut with other drugs or substances such as starch, sugar, quinine, or powdered milk. Any time heroin is used, the addict risks an overdose and death. It is impossible to know the drug’s contents or its potency.

Methods of Using Heroin

Heroin is most often injected, but it can be smoked (vaporized), snorted, and orally ingested. Through any method of use, heroin is highly addictive. Users get an extreme high that is short-lived. The high may last only several hours, and then the addict is left in a down mood and looking for their next fix. Mental functions can quickly become clouded and depression can take effect. Nausea may also result along with respiratory depression.

Using heroin has helped to spread HIV/AIDS, and hepatitis. Collapsed veins, coma, heart valve destruction, and death can also result from continued use. The heroin user’s life will change dramatically. Their health will deteriorate, relationships will flounder, finances will falter, and jobs will be lost.

Heroin Treatment Options

The addicted body has become used to heroin, and detox can sometimes be as deadly as using heroin. Successful detox will leave the body cleansed. Through effective treatments, the individual may have developed the strength to stay clean for the rest of their life. Detox begins by admitting there is a problem. The solution is usually inpatient treatment where the patient can receive help in a controlled environment under the supervision of trained clinicians. Methadone and Depade are approved to help treat opioid dependence. Treatments may vary slightly from one treatment center to the next.

Behavioral Therapies

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) can also be helpful for patients because they can self-examine the causes and consequences of their addiction. A person must learn how to change their thoughts so their actions can change. It is a long process, but there are numerous programs available to involve friends and family members in the process as well. Family support is often critical in helping the addict recover and work toward long-term recovery.

If you or a loved one is suffering from heroin addiction, help is available. Find it before it is too late.

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