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Meth Addiction Treatment Centers In NJ

If you or a loved one is a methamphetamine addict, help is available.

For meth addicts, some of the most effective treatments are behavioral therapies that include cognitive-behavioral and contingency-management intervention methods. Contingency methods provide some type of tangible incentive for the person to beat their addiction. Cognitive behavioral treatments help patients change their negative thinking patterns and replace them with those that are much more positive. A person is taught to link their thoughts to actions and to reason how their past thinking has brought them to their present condition. If a person can change their thought patterns, they can change their outcomes.

Educating one’s family, along with teaching the patient to engage in activities non-related to drugs, works well. When a person leaves their detox program, they will be faced with many of the same temptations. The recovering individual must find new motivations, make new friends, and realize positive experiences in order to create new behavioral patterns.

Patients are also taught to manage their diets as well. Meth users often lose their appetites when experiencing their addiction. The drug works on the brain’s pleasure centers; where a person may have derived joy from eating, meth replaces that pleasure with a yearning and relief from the drug. Currently, there are no medications that can successfully counteract the effects of meth. The desire for detox and the urge to quit has to come from the user. Detox can be a long uphill battle and this is where families can be of great assistance.

With the consent of patients, families can be part of the therapy process. This way, everyone has a better understanding of the addict’s dilemma. Family members learn better ways of communicating with their loved one. The addicted person also comes to terms with the harm they may have caused other family members and friends etc. Depending on the severity of their addiction, patients will usually undergo inpatient therapy treatment. They have 24/7 support and are nurtured in an environment that helps them focus solely on getting well. Clinicians are well trained and have the very latest medications and equipment at their disposal.

If you or a loved one is a methamphetamine addict, help is available. Getting help sooner—rather than later can save lives and relationships.

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