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Opiate Addiction Treatment Centers In NJ

Depending on the severity of the addiction, treatment can either be inpatient or outpatient-based.

Opiates outrank alcohol as the world’s oldest drug abuse problem. The addictions persist in spite of the fact that there are so many organizations that are fighting to find solutions like law enforcement, the field of psychiatry, and pharmacological science. The nation may have more than a million opiate addicts. These are the ones recorded as having sought treatment; there are likely many more.

Pain Killer Addiction

Opiates suppress pain and can reduce an individual’s anxieties. They provide an extreme feeling of euphoria for the user. They can be smoked, ingested, or snorted. Pain killers that are taken intravenously can provide immediate pleasure. The challenge with addiction is that pain killers are relatively easy to obtain because many come in the form of legal prescriptions.

Some abuse pain killers without the owner’s knowledge, since they are accessible from the average medicine cabinet. Once the high wears off, the addict can easily get their hands on the next fix. That, plus the added fact that the body builds up resistance, opens the door to continued and greater use to achieve the same feelings of euphoria.

Pain Addiction Rehab

Since pain medications are more readily available than illegal drugs, like heroin and cocaine, rehab treatments must focus on very specific resistance exercises to help prevent individuals from relapsing. As such, treatment therapies and focus groups are used to help patients modify their behavior patterns; this is primarily done by helping an individual change their thought and emotions about pain killers. Cognitive behavioral therapies are most useful and widely used.

Families are also encouraged to take part in the recovery process. Families can be an integral part of healing and can often benefit from therapy as well. Quite often, addiction strains family relationships to the point of breaking. Through counseling, families learn to communicate better and to understand the challenges confronting an addict. They also learn if they are exhibiting enabler qualities. The effective counseling approach will take all elements of addiction into account, as full recovery is the ultimate goal.

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