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Painkiller Addiction Treatment Centers In NJ

Addiction to painkillers may be one of the most prevalent diseases in the country.

Statistics indicate that close to 87 percent of all painkiller medications are consumed by people in the United States. Norco, OxyContin, and Hydrocodone are among the most commonly prescribed by doctors to treat pain. Even those patients who take their medications as prescribed, can develop an addiction. Their physical dependency has placed them in a position where it is all but impossible to quit on their own. There is a reason for their addiction.

  • At the point of addiction, the brain has developed an increasing number of receptors for the drug. This means the brain’s nerve cells are not functioning normally.
  • The body stops producing endorphins. These are the body’s natural painkillers. The body assumes that the opiates it receives is the reason to stop producing them on its own. It is this degeneration of the brain’s nervous cells that causes a physical dependency on opioids. As such, a sudden stop or reducing the intake of painkillers can cause serious withdrawal symptoms. Treatments should be administered in a controlled environment. Treatment centers offer patients this type of environment. Skilled and certified clinicians can administer a number of therapies and individual or group sessions.

Residential Treatment for Painkillers

Addiction to painkillers can leave an individual socially isolated from friends and family. Addiction can also cause trouble with the law as well. Bills will go unpaid, and then a whole new set of problems will follow. At this point, a person may have lost complete hope with the fear that nothing will ever improve in their life.

Residential treatment may include inpatient or outpatient. Trained clinicians can put together a complete treatment program that fits the needs of the patient. The treatment plan is based on the severity of the individual’s addiction. Outpatient programs work on the assumption that a person can attend their program and return home at the end of each day.

Cognitive therapy treatment also has highly effective results when families are involved in the process. Quite often, an addiction can cause family rifts that may be difficult to rebuild. Family therapy can help families understand the causes and actions of addiction. Family support can go a long way in helping the patient get back on their feet and get on with the business of leading a productive life.

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