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Mental Health Treatment

Mental health is the condition relative to a person’s emotional and psychological well-being.

Good, or bad, mental health affects how we think, relate to others, and make choices. It is important at every stage of our life. Of course, there are factors that affect mental health including genes, brain chemistry, life experiences (good or bad), family history and traumas that run deep. When mental health is lacking, it can be the result of the following.

  • Depression. This is a completely down mood that people can experience. Everyone can be a little depressed, but when it is prolonged there is a concern that it might be a mental condition. A person will also experience fatigue and a major loss of energy. The ability to concentrate will also have been compromised, and you may find yourself slumbering for most of the day, every day.
  • Bipolar Disorder. This is a mental disorder that causes major mood swings. A person can be totally happy and vibrant one day, and depressed and down the next. Over time, the individual may lose interest in many, or most, activities. Mood shifts, however, can shift once a year or several times a week. An effective clinical treatment plan can set the sufferer on the right path toward recovery. The condition, in most cases, can be controlled with psychological counseling and medications.
  • Schizophrenia.Those who suffer from schizophrenia experience a world in which their relationship between thought, emotion, and behavior has been compromised. They have faulty perceptions about things in life; therefore, their actions are faulty within a world of delusion and mental fragmentation.
  • Panic Disorder. You can expect a person with panic disorder symptoms to suffer from panic attacks where periods of intense fear dominate their life. Their heart pounds, they sweat and shake, and they exhibit shortness of breath. They fear that impending doom is around every corner. They also fear greatly about when and where the next panic attack will occur.
  • Anxiety Disorder. Occasional anxiety can be a part of life. People may feel anxious about their jobs, family situations, finances, and a million other things. An anxiety disorder elevates a person’s fears to the next level. The anxieties do not go away, and they only get worse over time. A person’s life is affected at every level. School, work and relationships can be compromised to the extreme.
  • PTSD. This occurs when a person experiences, or witnesses a life-threatening event. These events would include combat, a terrorist attack, natural disaster or sexual assault etc. Not everyone who experiences these things will suffer from PTSD; however, those that do, can only work through it with clinical treatment and support. A person can experience difficulty sleeping, and feel detached or estranged from life and situations as a result of their condition.

Working with a Provider Team

Clinical, professional help, with a certified treatment facility can help you choose a treatment approach that can help place you back on the path to healthy living. First, a full assessment will be taken of your medical history and current medical condition. They will look at both the physical and psychological elements of your makeup. Then, they can design a treatment plan that is specific for you. At Sprout Health New Jersey, we can provide the medical teams, facilities, treatments, and support to help patients start and finish a successful rehab program.

Cognitive behavioral therapy will be at the heart of your treatments. How you think and process information is what informs your behavioral patterns. If that can be changed to a more positive process, you can start realizing positive outcomes in your life. Our thoughts, not people or events, shape our destinies. Once a person gets a grip on this concept, it can be a tool to utilize and leverage for life. It can certainly help a person through detox and can help them stay sober for the rest of their life.

If you or a loved one is suffering from depression, or if you think there are personal symptoms that seem out of the norm, it could be time to look into getting professional help at an addiction treatment facility. There is a lot that can be accomplished. Your life or that of a loved one is well worth the effort.

Our Blogs and Articles

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