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Teen Drug Rehab Programs for Young Adults

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, seek treatment now rather than later.

Addiction is a serious problem among teens and adolescents in the nation. The adolescent stage can be a troublesome time for many. They are not completely mature, yet they desire to take on the role of adults, often, without the responsibility. With adolescents, substance abuse can occur as early as 12 years of age, and often younger. Risk factors may include genetic vulnerability, exposure to drugs or alcohol through parents or peers, lack of parental supervision, or bouts of depression.

The fact is, teens are exposed to numerous social influences and pressures. As such, their education about the ills of drug abuse must begin at an early age. It is nearly impossible to predict which individuals will develop substance abuse disorders, and which will not.

Substance abuse treatment for adolescents may fall under several categories: behavioral, family-based, addiction medications, and recovery support services.

  • Behavioral Treatments. Incentives are used to help the adolescent participate in their own recovery. Attitudes and thinking patterns are modified during treatments. Patients are taught helpful life skills, and how work to improve their ability to communicate.
  • Family-Based Support. Families can play an important role in helping their adolescent recover from drug abuse. Family conflict and communication is examined. School work, peer networks, and learning disorders are also assessed. Family-based treatments can be highly effective.
  • Addiction Medications. The treatment facility does a thorough assessment of the adolescent’s health and medical background. Tests will also be taken to determine what chemicals may be in their body. Treatments are then adjusted to fit the individual.
  • Recovery Support. Support during and after recovery are critical for the patient’s sobriety. Continuing care, mutual support in groups with other recovering teens, and access to settings where teens can share their experiences and triumphs in a positive way are provided. While support services are not a substitute for treatment, they are essential to the teen’s overall recovery.

If you or a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, seek treatment now rather than later. Addictions are treatable and can help an individual place their feet squarely on the road to recovery.

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