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Disabilities And Rehab Center

Treatments for the disabled, like those who are not, are inpatient or outpatient-based.

There are some who struggle with mental and physical disabilities, while also struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction. Thus, getting the help that one needs can be doubly challenging when faced with these conditions. The fact remains that people with disabilities may have a higher risk of abusing drugs or alcohol.

There are also unique barriers they must sometimes face in order to get needed treatment, and then to remain sober. A disabled person needs strong advocates in their support groups. This includes their local economy as well as the country.

There are a number of risks that handicapped people face regarding substance abuse.

  • Many handicapped people are taking medications to offset pain, anxiety, and muscle spasms to begin with. When medications are readily available, they can be misused.
  • People that must deal with a chronic disease or congenital condition, are more prone to taking illicit drugs to relieve their depression or pain. They will also turn to drugs to relieve their feelings of being socially isolated.
  • Society will often enable handicapped persons. This includes doctors, communities, and family members. Doctors may overprescribe medications, family members may look the other way, and partners will assume they cannot do anything to stop the drug abuse.
  • Sometimes handicapped people will abuse drugs or alcohol because there is simply no real access to effective treatment services. They lack limited transportation at times and even access to proper educational materials. They are faced with hurdles at every step of a recovery process. They face more challenges than what a person who is not disabled would face.
  • Disabled persons who drink may also be more prone to kidney, heart, and brain damage, increased muscle spasms, bone fractures, sores, and urinary tract infections than a person with no disabilities.

Rehab Treatments

Treatments for the disabled, like those who are not, are inpatient or outpatient-based. Special attention is given because clinicians know the special pressures and stresses that disabled addicts face.

It is really important to get family members into counseling as well. It is easy for members to enable their loved one, or to be angry that too much of their time is being spent tending to the disabled person’s needs.

Rehab follow-up is essential to help a disabled person stay on track and remain sober. If you are disabled, or you are close to a loved one who is disabled, contact a substance abuse treatment center to get all the facts concerning treatment. Family members can go a long way in helping their disabled one through detox.

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