It's never to late, Break the Addiction

Narcotics Anonymous

Drug addiction can ruin lives.

No matter race, religion, age, or gender, drug abuse can lead to addiction. When an addicted person makes it through rehab, the fight may be long from over. Many of the same temptations are there to be found in their everyday life. Abstinence takes effort. The fellowship of Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is there to help its members live a life of sobriety. The only requirement for becoming a member is a strong desire to stop using drugs. The organization’s principles are simple so that everyone can work to follow them in their daily lives.

There are no fees or dues and no strings. The organization is not affiliated with or influenced by any other organizations. There are no pledges made and no promises to anyone. Anyone can join, regardless of age, sexual identity, race religion, or lack of religion. How much a person used or their past connections is not an issue either. The most important person in any meeting is the newcomer. Ultimately, the ones who keep coming to meetings are the ones who stay clear of drugs.

NA Twelve Steps

Everyone in the group is purposed to carry a message of recovery for anyone who is addicted to drugs. When a person first arrives, they are able to relate to the group in an atmosphere of recovery. People there have been through what the new member is going through. They can understand that person’s feelings and experiences.

NA is a very powerful tool to carry and promote the message of hope and that the future can always be brighter. Any addicted person can overcome the desire to use and in the process, can find new meaning in life. Rehabilitated addicts can share their life story with new members. The therapeutic value of one recovering addict helping another is amazing.

An Outlook for the Future

When an addict can experience hope, joy, and gratitude, they are becoming alive. These feelings replace those of loneliness and despair. If you or a loved one are recovering from addiction, find an NA group that you can count on being there for you. It may be just what is needed to keep you on the straight and narrow.

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