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What Is Rehab

Detox and the means of maintaining a life of sobriety are the main focus of rehab.

Rehab is short for rehabilitation. It is a process that describes professional, clinical treatment that is administered in a residential setting. Rehab programs focus on abstinence, and provide intense programming and support for people experiencing drug and alcohol addictions. Rehab can be based on traditional models of help, or those that are newer and that provide local help.

Traditional Models of Rehab

These models are often used when a person needs a complete break from their environment. Their environment is what led them to drug or alcohol abuse. Treatments address the issues and the patient works towards a permanent resolution.

Newer Models of Rehab

Allow for residential treatment that is supported by housing provisions and linked to structured treatments and other local services that may be available.

Rehab Stages

  • First, rehab programs thoroughly assess the patient’s medical history, and present level of drug or alcohol usage etc. Once this is done, and insurance or payment options have been cleared, a patient is ready to enter a treatment program designed especially for them.
  • The second step involves a patient’s actual stay or involvement in their rehab program. Some rehab stays can last up to 12 weeks or more. Life skills are taught, cognitive therapy is administered, reintegration is accomplished through education, additional training, and employment needs are addressed. Patients are taught the skills that can help them pursue a drug and alcohol-free lifestyle.
  • A third step may include patient options for independent living and supported housing. It may also include after-rehab programs designed to help patients connect with organizations and support groups.

The Importance of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This is a highly effective type of therapy that explores the relationship of a person’s thoughts, behaviors, and feelings. The goal of therapy is to uncover unhealthy thinking and behavioral patterns, and then work toward replacing them with healthy thoughts and behaviors. Therapists and patients work together to facilitate the training program. Program participants work to develop high self-esteem.

Detox and the means of maintaining a life of sobriety are the main focus of rehab. With the right treatment and support, patients can look forward to a life free of drug or alcohol addiction.

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