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Rehab Treatment Elements

Treatment Elements Play a Critical Role in Determining Rehab Treatment

When a person suffers from an addiction, the first step is to conduct an assessment that will help determine the treatment process that works best. An assessment helps clinical staffs identify problems so they can be prevented from becoming more serious. Medical screening can save lives and eventually improve the addicted person’s quality of life. Many rehab treatments also address co-occurring addictions.

Treatment customization is one reason why personalized care is so effective in dealing with alcohol or drug addictions. Assessment aims to treat individuals and help prolong the rehab process long after treatment. No one wants to see a patient relapse into old habits and negative thought processes.

  • Medical Evaluation – At Sprout Health New Jersey, our staff conducts a thorough medical evaluation of all patients so that we can plan their treatment. We gather all relevant information about their medical history so that we can design an individualized treatment plan.
  • Psychiatric Evaluation – A psychiatric evaluation can reveal information about a person’s mind that a medical evaluation cannot. Trained staff members can ascertain what challenges need to be dealt with. The evaluation can identify co-occurring illnesses that may exist alongside physical illnesses. The tests are in no way meant to make the patient feel like a test subject; they are administered to learn about the individual to provide the most effective treatment possible. We look for signs of possible self-harm, and depression etc.
  • Brain Wellness Evaluation – The brain is one of the most powerful and important organs in the body. It controls and regulates critical functions that include memory, thought, motor movements, sight, sound, balance, feeling etc. Without a healthy brain, it is impossible for anyone to even attempt a healthy lifestyle. While the brain may not register physical ailments, an individual can suffer from mental ailments. The evaluation is designed to provide effective treatments to get the individual back on track and healthy again.
  • Cognitive Testing – This helps to identify and correct a person’s negative thinking patterns and addresses how they can better react to situations and events. If therapy can change a person’s thinking, their behavioral patterns will soon follow suit. Individual problems faced daily are assessed as well. Once again, the process is not meant to place individuals under a microscope; testing evaluates a person’s ability to process information and helps identify thinking processes that can be improved.
  • Toxicology Testing – An addicted individual is suffering under the weight of substance or drug abuse. Treatment can focus on both the chemical and mental elements that drove the person to addiction. Our goal is to discover any substance the patient may be abusing, or may have abused. It is possible for an individual to forget substances they have taken, which is why the toxicology testing is necessary and relevant.
  • Pharmacogenetic Testing – Drug/gene testing is a study of how genes affect the body’s response to specific substances and medications. Individuals have a large number of genes which they have inherited from their parents and family. Genes, generally understood to help determine eye color and blood type etc., also help us to determine if a particular medication will be helpful. It also helps determine what side effects, if any, might arise if a person is treated with a particular drug.

The ultimate goal is the patient’s health and offering treatments that will help them get to a better state of health. Cognitive behavioral therapy is the golden solution that helps an individual become aware of the entire therapy process and how it can help them recover. It allows a person to develop the tools necessary to understand how their addiction happened and what they can do to prevent and avoid triggers that might lead to relapse in the future.

The Assessment Process is Straightforward

The patient fills out a questionnaire and meets with a doctor or clinician to thoroughly disclose their health history, current drug or alcohol use, treatment history, behavioral patterns, and the impact their addiction has had on their life. All information taken by the doctor is confidential. The goal is to put the individual in a comfort zone, letting them know the purpose of rehab, and gathering as much information as possible to help expedite their treatment and rehab. Co-occurring medical conditions can also be uncovered, and treatments prepared to address them all.

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