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Drug & Alcohol Assessment

Patient assessments can reveal a lot of information that clinicians need to help determine an addicted person’s treatment plan.

Patients may face problems that are both mental or emotional. Whatever help is needed, it can be administered. Rehab centers provide comprehensive treatment plans that can help put individuals back on the road to full recovery. Ongoing support will also be offered to help patients stick to their rehab plan once treatment is concluded. As such, assessments fall into the following categories.

Medical Evaluation

Medical evaluations offer a number of benefits for people seeking treatment for substance abuse addiction. The assessment allows medical clinicians to identify the causes and problems that can keep a person addicted to their substance. It is a type of medical screening that has saved numerous lives. After the assessment, a more specialized form of treatment and care can be provided. Effective medical evaluation also helps individuals avoid harmful relapse.

Psychiatric Evaluation

A thorough psychiatric evaluation can reveal a lot about a person’s mental condition. The person’s state of mind can reveal if that person is susceptible to addictive behaviors and responses. Initially, during the assessment period, trained clinicians can determine a person’s mental health and target issues that need to be addressed. Through the use of questions and responses, trained staff members can encourage individuals to open up about their drug or alcohol usage. It gives clinicians a lot more to base treatments on.

Brain Wellness Evaluation

As the most powerful organ in the human body, the brain is the one element that can immediately affect every part of the body. A healthy brain is one that is freed from mental and psychological disturbances. An assessment can examine and identify brain ailments that may be contributing factors to addictive behaviors. There are a number of things that can damage the brain and preclude a person to drug abuse. Brain injuries, along with substance abuse, can alter the brain’s chemistry. This can result in emotional and mental imbalances. Evaluating the brain and its functions is an excellent start for clinicians.

Cognitive Testing

This method is used to evaluate how people think and react to given situations. People are as unique as the problems they face. At Sprout Health New Jersey, we can delve further into the personal issues that each individual faces, and then design an individualized treatment plan for the individual. Many people with addiction issues are found to have cognitive challenges and limitations. At the end of testing, we can determine how best to succeed and plan for cognitive improvement. A patient’s reaction time, ability to process information, and to think clearly and logically are taken into consideration.

Cognitive Retraining

Like any new information, cognitive retraining may be necessary to help individuals through the rehab process. It is necessary to change one’s thinking patterns and processes. Retraining helps individuals to remain on track in how they respond to mental and emotional triggers. They are reminded of the need to control themselves in social, work, and community settings. Thus, they are in a better position to control their lives.

Pharmacogenetic Testing

Many diseases can be caused by human gene mutations. Genes, though not widely known, can also influence how people respond to drugs. The goal of testing is to identify patients who can benefit from therapeutic treatments, and also to reduce incidences of adverse reactions. It is a personalized approach that is gaining rapid acceptance in treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Toxicology Testing

When individuals decide to partner with Sprout Health New Jersey, we gather up-to-date information about their medical history. We realize that patients may sometimes forget medications they may be taking, so our assessment is quite thorough. The more we know about a patient’s chemistry, the better we can prescribe the proper treatments.

This is a small overview of the services offered by Sprout Health New Jersey. Our staff members are completely qualified and competent in their services provided. They have the necessary certifications, training, and experience that patients can rely on. If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction problem, get help from a reputable addiction treatment facility.

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