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Drug addiction has reached pandemic proportions, and there are no signs of it slowing down.

No doubt, addiction has a death grip on many. There is also a fear of conviction that causes too many people to remain addicted. As such, it takes a tremendous amount of effort and courage for a person to admit they have a substance abuse or drug problem. Admitting their problem is the first hurdle. It takes additional courage to find professional drug treatment help. In such centers, hope can be found for permanent sobriety and a new lease on life.

Gaining a Deeper Understanding of Drug Addiction

Addiction, as defined by the experts, as a condition whereby the brain’s ability to reward an individual has been rewired by harmful substances. The mind reacts to these changes with an excessive and uncontrolled impulse to use the addictive substance. The addicted individual will cling to the belief that addiction provides a benefit above and beyond any physical or mental issues that may occur. Their addiction compounds itself by developing a tolerance and greater dependence on alcohol or drugs.

Chronic Substance Abuse Rewires the Brain’s Chemistry

When the brain’s chemistry is altered, a person will change the way they think and behave. Their body also has a tendency to adapt to the level and frequency of drugs entering the body. After a while, their body will grow dull to the effects, and will need a greater dose to reach the same high. This is a tolerance that causes a person to go into withdrawal stages even while using. Two things must happen for an individual to sustain the same relief: their dose has to be higher, or they have to abuse alcohol or a substance more frequently. The body gains greater dependence while creating a greater tolerance for the substance. This vicious cycle keeps the addict in a helpless loop. Their drug use spirals out of control at this stage.

During the drug addiction and recovery process, dependence and tolerance will play an important role. Signs of drug and alcohol addiction are easy to spot. They include an inability to stop, a false belief there are benefits to substance abuse, risky behavior, and an urge to get their substance by any means necessary.

Treatment for Drug Addiction – What to Expect

The addicted person can usually expect a combination of approaches to help them move toward sobriety. These may involve both traditional and holistic approaches for long-term success.

  • Detoxification – Always the first, and perhaps the most important, step for recovery. Depending on the severity of addiction, a person’s detox program may be medically supervised as an inpatient program, or the addicted person can be assigned to an outpatient program.
  • Comprehensive Clinical Services – An individual may be assigned to a partial hospitalization program to receive clinical services and therapies so that their addiction can be monitored in a highly structured way. The patient’s progress is supervised by medical personnel on staff. This is a good option for people who need round-the-clock monitoring and supervision.
  • Comprehensive, Intensive Outpatient Treatment – This is a workable program for patients who exhibit the ability to watch over themselves. They appear to have control over their substance abuse addiction to some degree. However, they must still attend daily addiction sessions, but can return home after the day’s session. This allows them to get on with life a little bit sooner that an in-house patient. However, once a person leaves, there is no one watching over their shoulder. This is why we like to make sure the person is well on their way toward recovery, and that they have the strength to endure temptations beyond their treatment facility.
  • Residential Treatment – If the individual has co-occurring conditions, this treatment is often recommended. Treatment modalities allow cognitive behavioral therapies to commence during detoxification.

Why Addiction Treatment?

The whole thrust behind addiction treatment is to help the addicted person stop their compulsive drug or alcohol compulsions. Treatment can take on a number of forms, and may last for different time lengths. Regardless of the form and time it takes, treatment is usually a long-term process that requires a number of interventions along the way with regular monitoring.

This is why we take the detox process so seriously at Sprout Health New Jersey. With the right programs and support, individuals have a much better chance of making their detox program a success.

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