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Eating Disorders Treatment Programs In NJ

If left untreated, eating disorders can lead to physical harm and even death.

Men can suffer from an eating disorder as well, but women are those most affected by them. While there may not be any “one” cause that results in an eating disorder, there are a number of risk factors that may contribute. These factors include low self-esteem, parental separation, inability to adapt to situations, social pressures to be thin, female sex, a history of psychiatric problems, and a belief in negative comments about eating. These factors may not necessarily cause an eating disorder, but they can certainly contribute to eating disorder developments.

Anorexia Nervosa

This may develop in children with childhood eating conflicts and struggles around meals. Premature birth and low birth weight may also be contributors. There are some instances where delivery of multiple babies may have lead to anorexia in one or more of the children. Girls who envision thinness as perfection might also be prone to becoming anorexic.

Bulimia Nervosa

While the exact cause of bulimia is unknown, the medical community agrees that it is psychological in nature. Most women are affected in their youth. For many women, the problem carries over into their adulthood. Women suffering from the disease display symptoms of dissatisfaction, an obsessive need to diet or fast, and social pressures to look thin.

Binge Eating

Binge eating occurs when an individual consumes massive amounts of food at each setting. Often, the person will vomit their food shortly thereafter. It may be difficult to spot a binge eater because their body weight may appear to be normal. While the cause of binge eating is unknown, social pressures and psychological problems are believed to bring it on.

Biological and chemical factors for eating disorders are still being investigated by scientists. Certain brain chemicals that control appetite, hunger, and digestion have been found to be out of balance in certain patients. Eating disorders do run in families. The brunt of eating disorder causes are contributed to psychological factors that include low self-esteem, stress, anxieties, anger, and even loneliness.

Eating Disorder Facts:

  • Eating disorders affect over 70 million people worldwide
  • One in five women struggle with an eating disorder
  • Middle-aged women are the fastest growing segment of those diagnosed
  • Most eating disorders start in youth and result from having been bullied about size and weight
  • Dieting has been found to be the most common cause that precedes an eating disorder
  • Nearly 42 percent of all grade school girls, first through third grade, want to be thinner
  • The nation spends over $42 billion annually on dietary supplements
  • Nearly 80 percent of 10-year olds are afraid of becoming fat

Many women are obsessed with losing weight. Much of this is due to advertising and a belief that being thin makes a woman look more attractive. As stated, many of the causes are psychological in nature. Correct thinking and ways of dealing with social pressures can be the beginning of healing.

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