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Holistic Rehab Treatment Centers

At Sprout Health New Jersey, we can provide a number of holistic treatment options.

Holistic drug and alcohol rehab treatments place focus on programs that teach individuals to consider and protect all areas of their health, which include mind, body, and spirit. This full approach can help clients through the process of rehab and toward complete sobriety. Medications have advanced and treatment effectiveness has increased.

Holistic Health Defined

Simply defined, it is the sum of all health elements for any given person. Their physical, mental, and spiritual health are all considered. The goal of holistic health is to bring about the balance of mind, body, and spirit. Since all three are connected, it makes sense to treat a person as a complete whole.

Holistic health principles state that health is far more than simply being not sick. An apparent lack of disease is not a state of full health. Even when a person appears well, there is always room for improvement in their overall health status. As such, holistic health can be viewed as an ongoing process. Regardless of a healthy appearance, a person can always work toward improving their well-being.

The Basis of Holistic Rehab

Substance abuse can ruin a person’s life. Relationships can wither, jobs and careers can pass by the way, and families can drift apart. Holistic rehab helps the addicted person to see the big picture of their addiction and healing process. It helps to draw a connection between substance and drug abuse along with the addiction triggers that a person must learn to recognize and avoid.

Triggers are those elements that can cause a person to relapse. Rehab can help individuals to find a productive alternative to their substance abuse and behaviors. At Sprout Health New Jersey, we work closely with individuals to find solutions for long-term sobriety goals. For long-term success, physical health, social wellness, spiritual wellness, and a person’s overall emotional stability must all be in good working order. Standard rehab options may include the following.

  • Acupuncture – Is often acknowledged as an excellent way to manage bodily pains and physical discomforts. It is administered by experts trained in the art. By utilizing special needles and pressure points, an individual can experience a relaxed state of being and a tranquil state of mind.
  • Nutritional Therapies – Drug abuse can deplete the body of needed, vital nutrients. Rehab, to be effective, must provide programs to help repair an individual’s body. Vitamins and minerals are the crucial components that will help regulate a person’s chemistry back to normal. A rehab program without a nutritional element will accomplish little.
  • Exercise – Exercise is needed for anyone, whether they are in the best of health or recuperating from an addiction or illness. Exercise can help increase the body’s flow of oxygen, and improve overall cognitive processes. Exercise also releases the body’s pleasure endorphins. In time, a person’s body reacts to the pleasure and wants to engage in exercise. In a sense, people can develop a positive habit. Physical health is improved along with the body’s appearance. Effective rehab programs will also offer gym access.
  • Massage Therapy – Massage therapy offers no downsides, whatever the method being used. The body responds to its calming and soothing effects. Blood pressures are lowered, and feelings of euphoria help ground an individual in a complete feeling of well-being. The entire experience can be heightened with oils and aromatic elements for a completely relaxed state.
  • Counseling for Spiritual Matters – People can find new meaning through spiritual counseling. Establishing a new meaning for living can pave the way for a new, positive existence. This is sorely needed to help an individual lay the groundwork for successful rehab recovery.
  • Meditation – Meditation can work wonders in helping individuals learn to concentrate on what matters. They learn to clear their mind and to even moderate their pain, depending on its severity. People discover an ability to think better. The brain can actually create new neuro pathways in the process. This is perhaps one of the best benefits of learning to meditate.
  • Therapy Through the Arts – Sometimes, people struggle with words. Art therapies allow individuals to express by creating colors, shapes, and symbols. It allows an individual to open up.
  • Music Therapy – Music can play an important role in helping individuals heal. Observing what people listen to can open up insights about that person.
  • Tai-chi – Can also be used as a means of helping a person to focus and relax. It is an ancient practice that is gaining popularity. It is good for the mind and spirit, and helps strengthen the body through its fluid movements.

At Sprout Health New Jersey, we can provide a number of holistic treatment options. Each treatment is individualized to fit the person’s needs. The results are effective and long-lasting.

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