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Trauma Treatment Center

At Sprout Health New Jersey, our mission is to provide long-term health solutions for our clients.

When patients are being treated for trauma, clinicians may use a range of techniques; all for the purpose of helping a person dissipate the feelings experienced by the trauma. The goal of treatment is to change their thoughts, believes, and eventually their behavior. The principles of CBT are based on exposure, helping patients restructure their thinking methods, and to teach the patient how to make emotional physical adjustments.


Every patient that deals with trauma has uncomfortable memories. The patient learns how to deal with objects, people, and situations in a positive way. Anxieties cause people to avoid frightening situations or that inspire troubling thoughts and memories. Trauma victims feel that any uncomfortable situation must be dealt with immediately or they will have a heart attack, lose control, or go mad from worrying about their situation.

Trauma victims also view memories as being as painful as real-life situations. The exposure technique also helps a person deal with the habit of avoiding life. When a person can talk about and experience their memories they can eventually accept the incident as a memory, and not as a present reality.

Cognitive Restructuring

Clinicians teach the trauma victim to identify with their negative thoughts and beliefs that are causing pain and discomfort. Victims can learn how to stop translating daily situations into life and death scenarios. A soldier may feel guilty because they feel a soldier was killed because of their actions, or, a victim of a crime may feel embarrassed about their inability to act or defend themselves. Other trauma victims exaggerate the danger level of their encounters. Such trauma can greatly affect the daily lives of sufferers. Trauma victims are also taught to think about what they could have differently if they find themselves in a similar situation. Therapy digs deep into how a victim translates events they experience.

Physical and Emotional Readjustments

The patient can be taught techniques of how to reduce stress and tension. Techniques may include breathing, relaxations, being alert, how to be assertive, and learning how to change their thoughts. Readjusting how one thinks leads to a different outcome of how one reacts.

Trauma disorders affect millions of people. The good news is there is hope for healing. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) is an effective solution wherby trauma victims can understand and manage their anxieties and fears. Rape survivors, combat veterans and others who have experienced extremely traumatic events may need additional treatment and support.

At Sprout Health New Jersey, our mission is to provide long-term health solutions for our clients. Our clinicians are highly qualified and possess the necessary certifications to provide the very best mental health treatment programs possible.

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